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4 stk d&b Q-Sub
2 stk d&b Q7
2 stk 2×18″ subs
1 stk LAB PLM 12k44 forstærker
1 stk LAB IPD2400 forstærker
2 stk K&M Wind-up mellemstænger
2 stk d&b swivel brackets
4 stk 10m Speakon kabler
2 stk 3m Speakon kabler
2 stk 1m Speakon kabler

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Clarity, bandwidth, high power and headroom capabilities make
the Q-Series loudspeakers an ideal option for speech and music
in many small to medium scale theatre and presentation
situations, live television and orchestral shows. The scope of
applications is intentionally broad, ranging from single
loudspeakers right through to multiple cabinet arrays. These
6 d&b Q-Series d&b Q-Series 7
flexible loudspeakers can be effortlessly and scalably combined
for a multitude of small to large coherent arrays. To this end a
variety of technologies are used: conventional rotatable CD horns,
dipolar driver arrangements, low compression vented designs with
high excursion drivers and toroidal waveshaping devices, all
integrated using line array principals. The Q loudspeakers
are designed for a wide range of applications with a clear
perspective to provide mobile, flexible, configurable array
solutions to the most arduous sound reinforcement situations.
The Qi loudspeakers differ only in cabinet construction and
mounting hardware. They are intended for permanently installed
performance spaces where the specification is rider driven by the
artist or mix engineer’s preferences. Both the Qi loudspeakers
and mounting hardware can be properly colour matched to
interior designs and are weather protected for climatically hostile


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